Are you tired of noise from the street or the yard? Choosing the right windows will help!

„Noise kills silently”, is a phrase that has been gaining importance for years, since with the development of civilization it turns out that one European in two is exposed to excessive noise. As a result, each year ca. 100 million Europeans suffers from noise induced disease. Is this a losing battle? Will we really face the pervasive cacophony of sounds forever?

In our surroundings, there are fewer and fewer places when we can enjoy blissful peace and quiet. It turns out that even in parks and forests the noise of machines and equipment, used e.g. for garden maintenance and logging, is widespread. Their work may cause noise at a level of almost 100 dB. To illustrate the situation it is worth saying that a jet plane taking off is also 100 dB. Where can we find a haven of peace? The answer is not obvious, but it is a god idea to make sure that we will enjoy the comfort of silence at least in our flats and houses.


You could hear a pin drop…

One of the barriers, apart from the wall, is the windows. Naturally, the choice and specification may affect the noises entering our homes.

- We have over 25 years of experience in the production of composite glass panes that constitute a vital element of our window and door woodwork. They comply with i.a. strict requirements not just in energy efficiency but also in sound insulation. In the production we apply laminated glass with modern acoustic foil. As a result, it is possible to decrease noise entering the flats even by 5-11 dB in relation to standard solutions, which significantly improves the quality of life – says Mirosław Furtan, production director at Drutex SA.

The company offers also safety, burglar-proof, antisolar and  limited-translucency glass.


Rw coefficient – black magic or not?

When discussing widows acoustics we need to take into account the Rw coefficient. Generally, it defines how efficiently the window will protect against external noise. The higher the coefficient value, the better the window isolates from noise. To be precise, if a window has the coefficient at e.g. 36 dB, then the noise at 70 dB level will be reduced by the window to 34 dB. Standard windows on the market have the Rw at 30 dB level, but obviously, there are solutions with significantly better parameters.

- It is possible to obtain Rw coefficient of 35-46 dB in our windows. To illustrate this parameter it is worth knowing that with the reduction of sound by 10 dB the  perceived noise is lower by half – adds M. Furtan. 


In order to enjoy the comfort of silence, apart from the glass applied in the window, we need to remember to execute the proper installation of the woodwork, as well as pay attention to the seal proposed by the producer, and the standard of the window profile. 

- In our windows we apply cutting-edge, smart seal system made of EPDM that guarantees years of durability, and therefore, obtaining high tightness parameters for the lifetime of the product. Whereas PVC profiles that we produce exclusively from primary materials, in top A-class, determine the resistance and stability of the window. Obviously, both the seal and the profile improve the product’s acoustics  – explains M. Furtan.    

The modern world brings numerous beneficial solutions that improve our every-day life. As a result, despite a lot of threats that surround us, we are able to minimize them, and therefore, safeguard our health and life. It is good to follow them when opting for the windows.

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