How to choose the best door?

Front door is not just a key technical element of the building, but also the showcase of the house. Therefore, it must be pretty, and at the same time it should fulfil our expectations regarding sound insulation, energy efficiency and safety.

Good front door ensures privacy and safety, and it protects against external conditions, humidity, noise, wind and other factors that affect our everyday life.  Front doors are usually made from PVC, wood or aluminum. Obviously, each of the materials is characterized by slightly different properties. 

The classics – wood

The most proper material for fans of traditional front doors is wood. A lot of people consider this material to be classic, evoking also nostalgy. They are characterized by great thermal and acoustic insulation parameters. 

Wooden doors may be executed in a variety of colors. Additionally, they may be equipped with aluminum slat that protects against UV rays and rainwater, just like Softline 68 system by Drutex.

Easy maintenance - PVC

For many clients, doors must stand out for perfect look and fulfil certain parameters in energy efficiency or sound insulation, as well as be easy to maintain. Here, the good solution is definitely PVC door. Water literally flows on them, and all kinds of dirt may be removed with a simple cloth and soap.

When buying PVC front door, one should ask the seller what kind of fitting it is equipped with. It is important in order to secure our flat or home against burglary. This is the case with Iglo 5Iglo Energy door by Drutex.

Indestructible - aluminum

In recent years, aluminum doors have been gaining popularity. This light material is the most durable as well as the toughest. It is exceptionally resistant to  atmospheric conditions, and dirt may be easily removed. The technology applied in the process of applying paint coating protects against corrosion, ensuring long durability.

However, since aluminum is a good conductor of sound and temperature, such doors should be equipped with special inserts and gaskets. A good example of optimally insulated aluminum door is the door in MB-86SI system by Drutex. The system consists of a thermal separator made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide, which guarantees great parameters even after years of usage.   


When choosing the door we must select the material that it will be made of, functions it will serve, the accessories – including smart opening and locking systems with a smartphone or a tablet, and, obviously, the aesthetic of the product. We should also pay attention to the producer’s experience as well as the certificates and attestations that he has. As a result, the acquired product will serve us for years, at the same time fulfilling our expectations regarding quality and usage comfort.


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