Social activities

Social activities

Social activities

  • GOOD MATCH– Helping to organise an annual charity football match between the police and the Drutex-Bytovia.
  • X CHILDEN FANCY-DRESS BALL WITH KIWANS - sponsorship of a charity event organized by Kiwanis Foundation. 
  • FLEA MARKET IN SŁUPSK – Annual sponsorship of a charity event organized by Kiwanis. 
  • FOCUS ON FAMILY – Sponsorship of a ‘FOCUS ON FAMILY’ festival in Bytów. 
  • THE GOCC - Annual support for the Finals of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. 
  • NIEMEN NON STOP – Financial support for „NIEMEN NON STOP” a young talent festival. 
  • THE GREAT TVN MATCH – Sponsorship of charity matches organized by ‘You Are Not Alone’ the TVN foundation. 
  • FILIPIADA – Regular support for FILIPIADA organized by „Nazareth” association. 
  • MOTORCYCLE PICNIC IN BYTÓW – Annual sponsorship for Motorcycle Picnics in Bytów. 
  • EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES - DARIUSZ MICHALCZEWSKI – funding events i.a. for Santa Claus and Children’s Day organized by ‘Equal Opportunities’ Foundation by Dariusz Michalczewski for 
  • SUMMER KUBA CUP – Helping to organise an annual sporting event for children's football teams, held in Opole by the Jakub Błaszczykowski “Ludzki Gest” Foundation.
  • CHRISTMAS GAME WITH KUBA – Sponsoring a charity football tournament with soccer stars from the Polish team and stars of the stage, organised by the Jakub Błaszczykowski “Ludzki Gest” Foundation.
  • IT’S GOOD TO HELP – Helping to organise a charity family picnic at Bytów Castle.
  • CHILDREN’S CYCLE RACE – Regularly sponsoring a sporting event for young children, organised by “Głos Pomorza” (The Voice of Pomerania) in Słupsk.
  • TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH – co-organizing a preventative campaign in the Bytów castle, consisting of i.a. free tests and consultations for inhabitants regarding: oncology, cardiology, audiology, phoniatrics, as well as radiology and dermatology. 
  • "Hope"  - financial support for "Hope" Foundation for Children with Disabilities in Słupsk.
  • „AMAZON” – financial support for ‘Amazon’ the Słupsk Association 
  • "EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES " – Support for ‘Equal Chances’ the Dariusz Michalczewski Foundation by i.a. founding annual grants for players, organizing the Equal Opportunities  Santa Claus Tournament, organizing charity actions and events, e.g. for those in need and disabled children and teenagers.   
  • "YOU ARE NOT ALONE" -  Sponsorship of a charity match Politicians vs TVN Stars organized by TVN Foundation ‘You Are Not Alone’  – in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.
  • "KIWANIS" – Regular support for Kiwanis foundation regarding  events, trips for disabled children and teenagers, charity and social actions, buying rehabilitation equipment etc. 
  • "WE ARE" -  Buying rehabilitation equipment  for beneficiaries of ‘We Are’ association.
  • "DIFFERENTLY CAPABLE" – Support for the ‘Differently Capable’ Foundation at the Assisted Living in Kościerzyna.  
  • "NAZARETH" – Regular support for ‘Nazareth’ association in Bytów regarding i.a. help for those in need including disabled children and teenagers, organizing annual run pilgrimage to Jasna Góra, bike pilgrimage, motorcycle picnics, holiday for children from poor families etc. 
  • "BYTOW WATRA" – annual support for ‘Bytów Watra’ organized by Association of People of Ukrainian Origin in Bytów. 
  • "VFB" – regular support for Voluntary Fire Brigades regarding donations and material asistance.
  • FOOTBALL – The company has been the sponsor of DRUTEX-BYTOVIA Bytów football club since 2003. At the time, the club has been promoted from V to I league (the doorstep to first League). 
  • PLEBISCITE FOR THE BEST SPORTS PEOPLE – Financial support for Plebiscites for the best sports people and coaches in the town and the municipality of  Bytów organized by the local government and the Town Center of Sports and Recreation in Bytów. 
  • The AMBER CUP - A FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT IN ERGO ARENA IN GDAŃSK - the annual sponsorship of the biggest indoor soccer tournament  in Poland.
  • MARTIAL ARTS – support for HUSARIA DRUTEX martial arts club and World Champion in K1 and Europe Champion in muay thai- Paweł Michalak.
  • FART 2005 FISHING COMPETITION – financial support for the 9th edition of „FART 2005” a spinning fishing tournament  organized by Fishing Association of Bytów District. 
  • KARATE  - Financial support for Karate Club in Bytów. 
  • FOOTBALL - Financial support  for ‘Mini-Champions League’ organized for 36 schools by primary school no. 2 in Bytów. 
  • ATHLETICS - Financial support  for Independence Run in Borzytuchom.
  • BOXING – support for the  Dariusz Michalczewski Foundation ‘Equal Opportunities’ by providing five annual grants for players.
  • KARATE – Support for karate clubs from Tuchom and Biały Bór in Zakopane. 
  • SPEEDWAY – sponsorship of the "Zenon Plech zaprasza" speedway tournament in Gdańsk

DRUTEX is a member of numerous organizations that contribute to the development of window and door industry, business, job market, broadly defined economic development and entrepreneurship.

The biggest ones include:

  • Business Centre Club

It is a prestigious Club of entrepreneurs and the biggest organization of individual employers in Poland.  Members of BBC represent all types of business, international corporations, financial and insurance institutions, telecom companies, the biggest Polish producers, colleges and universities, publishing companies and renowned law firms.

  • Polish – German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Polish – German Chamber of Commerce and Industry is not just a bilateral chamber with the highest number of member companies, but it is also one of the biggest foreign German Chambers of Commerce and Industry worldwide. It has been contributing to the development of Polish and German economic relations for twenty years.

  • Wettbewerbszentrale

It is the biggest and most influential institution that is engaged in implementation of fair competition rules in Germany. It promotes the responsibility of business towards consumers. 

  • Polish Windows and Doors Association

PWaDA is the only and the biggest association of Polish producers, suppliers and distributors in woodwork industry. The association represents and cooperates with the most influential and the fastest-developing Polish brands. It promotes and supports Polish wood joinery sector. 

  • Gdańsk Business Club 

GBC is an association of entrepreneurs, managers and intellectuals of the Coast. Its mission is to activate economy, to offer mutual support in business activities, as well as developing culture, education, healthcare as vital factors that enhance  prosperity and development in the region.

  • Pomeranian Employers

It brings together employers in the region, contributing to long-term dynamic economic development of the region. The organization aims at defending the interests of employers, representing them against the legislative and executive powers and against institutions that supervise and control enterprises. 

  • The Pomeranian Association of Road Carriers 

It is one of the biggest nationwide industry organizations. The association closely cooperates with and represents  the International Transport Bureau of the General Inspection of Road Transport, Association of International Road Carriers and the Car Transport Institute.


  • Gdynia E(x)plory Week - sponsorship of the Science and Technology Festival in Gdynia.
  • BalCon - sponsorship of a scientific conference regarding construction organized by the Gdansk University of Technology 
  • A SMILE FOR THE WORLD – taking part in ‘A smile for the world’ charity action. 
  • BUDMIKA – Sponsorship of the „BUDMIKA” national student conference at the Poznań University of Technology 
  • THE PATRON OF POLISH ARCHITECTURE – support for the national competition for architects – DRUTEX, the patron of Polish architecture 
  • BARGEWORK – Sponsorship of a competition for architects  „Bargework – office on water”.
  • THE MIND ODYSSEY – annual subsidy for the participation of the Polish representation in the world finals of the Mind Odyssey in the USA 
    -The Independent Public Voivodship Hospital in Słupsk
    - Municipal Library in Bytów.
    - Public School Group no. 1 in Kościerzyna.
    - The Ward of Infectious Disease in the Voivodship Hospital in Słupsk.
    - The District Governor Office in Słupsk. 
    - The District Employment Office in Bytów.
    - Słupsk Industry and Trade Chamber in Słupsk.
    - The Police District Department in Bytów.
    - Gryf Słupski Shooting Club.
    - The Noble Parcel’ foundation beneficiaries.
    - Bytów District Hospital in Bytów. 
    - Woodwork Fitters Association in order to implement a training project for students of technical schools in Poland. 
    - For the house of a family in financial difficulties from  Kołczygłowy.
    - For a family in difficulties from Niezabyszewo.
  • SOS SUPPORT IN Bytów – financial help for the Special Purpose School and Education Center in Bytów for naming it  ‘Children of Europe’.  
  • HELP PFR HOSPITAL - Subsidy for the purchase of ambulance for the Independent Public Health Institution in Bytów.
  • "KEYS TO EUROPE " VOYAGE - Financial support for ‘Keys to Europe’ voyage, commemorating Poland’s accession to the European Union, organized by the local government of Słupsk.
  • SUPPORT FOR PSA IN SŁUPSK – Sponsorship for the Coast Defenders Polish Scouting Association in Słupsk.
  • SUPPORT FOR ART EXHIBITION IN SŁUPSK - Support for ‘Polish Painting Masterpieces in the Lvov Art Gallery Collection’ exhibition, organized by the Museum of Central Pomerania in Słupsk.
  • SUPPORT FOR 40-th ANNIVERSARY OF CEAS IN BYTÓW – Subsidy for the flag for the 40-th anniversary of the Complex of Economic and Agricultural Schools in Bytów.
  • "FOCUS ON FAMILY" - „Sponsorship of the „FOCUS ON FAMILY” festival in Bytów.
  • BALLET - Financial support for „Arabeska” the Słupsk Ballet Group, belonging to the Słupsk Culture Center.
  • "FULFILL YOUR DREAM" COMPETITION- Running "FULFILL YOUR DREAM"  competition and financing the award, a wheelchair for the winner. 
  • SUPPORT FOR FLOOD VICTIMS – participation in aid for flood victims in 2011.
  • SUPPORT FOR A SCHOOL IN AFRICA- Buying a microscope for a school in Kibeho in Rwanda. 
  • SUPPORT FOR LOCAL INITIATIVES in the region for inhabitants of small towns, especially children and teenagers (events, Christmas presents, trips, i.a.  Sierzno, Gostkowo, Niedarzyno etc.)

We also recommend

Our participation


We support Polish architecture. We have been the Patron of Polish Architecture, a project that promotes Polish designers: architects and constructors, organized under the auspices of, i.a., the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy and the Association of Polish Architects.

The projects aims at presenting the works of architects and constructors as projects that have been implemented and those waiting for implementation, emphasizing the role of the architect and constructor in the investment process and shaping public space, as well as showing the importance of applying modern materials and technological solutions in the process of designing building. 


For a few years we have been a sponsor of the Polish team trip to the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals. The most famous and valued knowledge, abilities and talents festival has been organized as an international competition since late 70s.

The core idea that guides the project founders is to develop creative talents and to encourage young people to solve problems creatively. Each year dozens of thousands of students from all over the world take part in the Odyssey of the Mind. In the long history of the festival Poles have been among the winners many times. 


Each year we are involved in the Great Match run by TVN Foundation ‘You are not alone’. It is one of the biggest charity events in Poland, broadcast both by TVN and the public television TVP1. The total income from the Great Matches,  supported each time by millions of Poles, is yearly given to ill children.

The journalists’ and, until recently politicians’ teams that met at the Legia Warsaw stadium create an amazing atmosphere of a football festival, where sports emotions interfuse with huge empathy for the needy, youngest fans.  


DRUTEX is the only, naming rights sponsor of the 1st-league football club. The cooperation started in 2003 and since then, the club has been continuously going from strength to strength, to climb from 5th league to the direct backroom for premier league. The historic promotion to 1st League was achieved under the leadership of Paweł Janas, the former coach of the Polish national team, and the coach of, i.a. Legia Warsaw,  Widzew Łódź, Lechia Gdańsk, Amika Wronki or GKS Bełchatów.

DRUTEX not only entirely finances both senior teams, it also invests in the infrastructure of the Bytów stadium and in sports development of children and teenagers.