European Fenestration Centre

European Fenestration Centre

Stages of realization of the European Woodwork Center

The first stage of construction

In 2013 DRUTEX started the execution of the biggest investment in the company history, that constitutes a part of the European Fenestration Centre in Bytów. The production halls that cover the area of more than 55.500 square meters, and where each day a few thousand windows are produced, were built in two years and the milestone investment was worth more than 200 million zl.

The first stage of the investment started in 2013 and took 20 months. In October 2014 we launched the first production hall that covers the area of more than 28,500 m2. It allowed to increase production capacity, and, as a result, to strengthen DRUTEX competitive position in the company key export markets.

The steel construction of the hall executed in the I stage, covering the area of 4 football pitches weighs 904 tones which amounts to the weight of 3 Airbus A380 Superjumbo planes. The ground works required the transport of ca. 176.413 m³ of ground. About 30000 plants were planted around the hall and 10000 m² of lawn were laid. The hall was equipped with a modern, automated machine park from renowned, global companies, both for facilities and machines for PVC profile production, as well as for composite glass and PVC window and door woodwork.

The second stage of construction

At the beginning of 2015 DRUTEX started construction of the second production hall comprising the EFC, with the length of 194 m and the width of 120 m, of total surface covering more than 25 000 m2 which is another four football pitches.

The new production hall has been executed in the same technology and architecture as the existing first part of the hall. Heated overpasses, characteristic for DRUTEX investment, also appear as a part of the communication system. The facility, just like the first hall, encompasses production area, office and conference space, and the support infrastructure, including roads and parking lots. The solutions adopted during the design and realization stages, not only guarantee maximum energy efficiency, highest level of ergonomic work conditions but also enable the optimum organization of production processes, which, combined with the most cutting-edge machinery in the industry, enhances the dynamic growth of our company.

The launch of window production in the second hall comprising the EFC gives the company a chance for further development and it constitutes an increase in production space to more than 95 thousand square meters.

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