A good window is not all. How about the installation?

When deciding to buy windows we pay attention to a number of various factors, such as: experience and reputation of the producer, the standard of profiles, color range, parameters of the glass, accessories e.g. the handles, diffuser etc.

However, me must realize that even the best windows require an expert, correct installation. Only then will the woodwork fulfill our expectations. It will enable safe usage for many years to come and the required coefficients in energy efficiency or sound insulation.

- Producing windows from A to Z we give high importance to each stage of the manufacture, therefore- to each element of the woodwork. It allows us to ensure top quality, which has been the priority since the beginning of the company. PVC profiles used in our products and produced by the company since 2007, exclusively of prime material in top A class, combined with our  composite glass and other components,  guarantee stability, durability, usage comfort and energy efficiency of the windows. However, in order to benefit from all their advantages it is necessary to execute the correct installation – says Mirosław Furtan, production director at Drutex SA. 

How can you test the correct installation 

How can we check if our windows have been installed correctly? How to verify the assemblers? It turns out that even without a lot of construction know-how we will be able to do it. There are methods that allow us to check if the woodwork has been  assembled properly. What are they? Here are some of the most important ones:

  • After the first stage of the installation we need to pay attention if the installation foam used by the assemblers -  if applicable – tightly fills the space between the window and the jambs. Let’s remember that its function is not to fix the window but to insulate it on the joint between the frame and the window opening.
  • If warm installation has been adopted (layer sealing installation), which enhances insulation parameters where the window touches the wall, we need to pay attention if the connection of the window with the window opening has three layers: internal (air- and vapour-tight sealing tapes), central (foam for thermal and sound insulation or expanding tape) and external (impregnated layer tapes).
  • If everything is correct, let’s check the spacing of the parts that attach the window to the wall (mounting anchors, dowels, fixing consoles etc.). Two issues are important – they must be placed ca. 15-20 centimeters for the frame corners and maximum every 50-70 centimeters along the entire perimeter.
  • One vital fact is that the assembler must check the vertical and horizontal runs, in all dimensions. Acceptable vertical and horizontal deviations amount of 1.5 millimeter for an element up to 3 meters long (maximum no higher than 3 mm).
  • Another stage of the verification should be checking if the stabilizing pins that allow to keep the window’s geometry have been fixed permanently on one diagonal (not both!) between the frame and the wall.
  • At the end, we need to check the window’s geometry. It may be executed in two ways. Firstly, visually – we check if the window sashes are parallel to the frame, secondly – we check if the length of both diagonals is equal.
  • We need to pay attention to the protective film – it is a common mistake to remove it from the windows just before the installation or right after that. Due to its function, it should remain on the windows not just during the assembly, but at least until all the fit-out and renovation work has been completed. However, it is important not to leave it too long (maximum 1-2 months since the installation) since it will be more difficult of even impossible. 

After such a verification each window should work flawlessly. It is time to check all its functions (tilting, opening etc.). As we can see, the tasks are not difficult and each of us is able to carry them out, ensuring usage comfort of the woodwork for many years to come, for us and for the family.  

The biggest window producers, in order to ensure maximum advantages of the sold products, pay enormous attention to equipping their trade partners with know-how and knowledge regarding proper installation.

- For many years we have been organizing in our company assembly trainings for teams that work for our trade partners, confirmed by a certificate after passing an exam. We cooperate in this area with the Association of Woodwork Assemblers, i.e. the most experienced experts in Poland. As a result, we are sure that the installation process fulfills the highest standards – adds Adam Leik, marketing director at Drutex SA.


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