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On Friday 12 April Drutex with the Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Protection at the Gdańsk University of Technology and „KOBRa” the  Scientific Association of Technology and Construction Organization, held in Bytów a conference ‘Window on Construction’. The aim is to promote science, innovation and cutting-edge solutions in construction. Apart from the Gdańsk students, the event hosted also students from the Koszalin, Cracow and Szczecin Technical Universities.

The main topic of the Bytów conference was designing and execution in construction, as well as modern technologies and materials applied in construction. 

4-person teams representing each university presented their own works regarding the topics. The four best projects will be presented and discussed in ‘Builder’ magazine. What is more, winners in the nest stage of the conference fought for victory in the Oxford style debate. The jury, consisting of academic staff of each University, as well as Drutex management, evaluated the arguments, knowledge and competences in the assigned topics.

- Drutex has been cooperating for years with universities, aiming at promoting science, cutting-edge technological solutions and innovative technical thought. We are fully aware that such involvement and support given to students is the basis for development of Polish companies competing in the global market. Cooperation of business and the scientific world should not be seen as a choice but a necessity. It affects the development pace and direction of Polish construction, industry and the whole economy. Our current experience, based on i.a. cooperation with the Gdańsk University of Technology, the Poznań University of Technology, Gdańsk University and the State Higher Vocational School in Leszno, has been highly motivating and encouraging. Young people’s ompetences, knowledge, creativity and positive energy show us that we don’t need to worry about the future – said Adam Leik, marketing director at Drutex. He also emphasized that numerous middle and senior staff working for Drutex are graduates of technical universities.  

The ‘Window to Construction’ conference took place in the Conference Room of Drutex European Woodwork Center in Bytów. The event patron was Builder magazine.

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