Trends in interior design 2018

New year is more than just a change of the number in the calendar. Usually for most of us it brings New Year resolutions, plans, ambitions and challenges in professional and private life. Many of us devise specific actions in the company, others consider investment in their own health and well-being, or changing a flat, a renovation or at least a bit of a refurbishment.

The latter sometimes turns out to be quite a revolution that you need to prepare for. It’s worth checking out a few tips and current trends in interior design that will help to carry out our ideas. This year it seems easier than ever since full customization in the choice of forms, materials and functionality is king.


  1. Color matters  

Fashion is changeable. It is not a secret that each year architects and interior designers promote a new color range that will define the interior’s character. This year’s designers’ choice indicates that we should get away from grey and white interiors and cold Scandinavian style. We should focus on warm colors, especially shades of linen, pearl grey, gold, ecru or cream. New year is the time of unique color combinations. Current trends recommend combining warm and cold colors e.g. cold blue with warm orange, classic navy blue with lavender pink. It all may be toned down with light grey or cream white. What matters here is not just aesthetics but also our well-being. Warm shades are relaxing, they help to unwind and relax, and this is what we need at home. We need to feel cozy here.


  1. Gold rules

Until recently gold and all golden accessories were associated with luxury, palace interiors, vast spaces. A complete misconception. Today golden accessories may be modern and they match both classic composition and minimalist, Scandinavian design. We may already start looking for golden lamps, photo frames, furniture knobs or flower pots. A hit may be e.g. a kitchen or a bathroom with modern furniture equipped with golden handles or basin faucet. Additionally, such a room, equipped with a big window, allows a lot of daylight and emphasizes the shiny elements. Unfortunately, usually there is no room for the window in the kitchen or the bathroom, and if there is one – it is usually small. In this case it is worth turning to modern technology e.g. the window with narrow slender frame that may constitute a source of extra light, as well as an ornamental element. The wide color range of Iglo Light windows, that stand out for narrow frame and large glazing surface, is a perfect solution for small, modern interiors.


  1. Functionality as the priority

Beautiful spaces,  modern accessories, perfect color combinations, innovative equipment are elements that any architect will recommend. They can compose the interior, select the materials, wallpapers, wall colors, furniture and the lighting etc. However, we often face the choice whether our flat should be trendy or comfortable. It turns out that the user comfort and interior aesthetics don’t always go hand-in-hand. 20018 is the year of functional solutions. Designers focus on comfortable furniture, accessories, interior elements that facilitate living and relaxing. Designers aim at arranging the space and hiding unnecessary items. The wardrobe should fit the ironing board, unread newspapers etc. What counts is easy patents that don’t require extra time and energy. Simplicity is the key. Therefore this year the winner will be smart house control systems that allow to control the house, the windows, the doors, the roller shutters with a tablet or a smartphone.  Concept windows of the future - SmartWindow by Drutex , have already appeared on the market. Such windows are a great offer for those who value comfort, as well as users’ safety.  


  1. Big glazing and unique mirrors

Current trends in interior design are constantly changing, and the fabrics or the color range, that were in a few months ago, are out very quickly and they become outdated. One exception is glass and mirrors that will always look good. However, one condition is to opt for simple solutions, without fancy, gilded frames, and the glass without any ornaments. It is worth remembering that all glass elements are not just decorations, but above all they let daylight in the room. Therefore, if we opt for big windows, e.g. the Iglo-HS type or a glass wall, it will let in a lot of daylight that will optically enlarge the room. What is more, natural light improves our health and well-being, and the presence of mirrors allows it to spread around the room even better. In a nutshell, glass beats competition. This year, even more than ever. Designers advise that a glass table, big mirrors, numerous light points will play an important part in interior design. While strong, saturated colors may make the room smaller visually, the role of the mirror and light is even more important.


  1. Furniture revolution

In 2018 muted, light and pastel colors will be out. They will be replaced by vibrant, saturated colors. The rule also applies to furniture. Traditional white or grey furniture will be replaced by   more vibrant color. Shades of red and violet will be king, which we may already notice in the new upholstered furniture offer. White will obviously be present but not in its classic pure version. Latest projects indicate that new year brings about less black in our design that up to now played a vital role giving the interiors  elegance and clear character. 


  1. Patterned floors

Geometry on the floor will be trendy for some time. Triangles, hexagones, rectangles will decorate floors in rooms, they will be especially fashionable in living-rooms and kitchens. According to world designers, contrasting carpets with abstract and saturated patterns and colors will  be a great addition. It’s time for going crazy!


  1. Minimalizm in the interiors

 It seems that true minimalist interiors are timeless. Simple design allows to customize the character of the interior through selected decorations and color range, and to create universal space where everybody feels fine. Therefore, in 2018 it will be trendy to combine minimalist elements e.g. tiles with nature elements, such as natural raw wood or fabrics with defined structure and floral forms.


Interior design is a real art that allows to express oneself, the temperament, preferences. Therefore, each interior is different. However, it should be cozy, comfortable and it should match the user’s personality. 2018 allows for full customization of the project, and current trends are in line with the ideas of natural beauty and comfort.  

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